A. Data sheet

With CTI (computer telephony integration) you're able to use your Mac as remote control for your desktop phone. This means with NCTI standard for Mac you're able to initiate calls and to administer the office communication directly from your Mac.

NCTI standard for Mac contains a whole lot of functions as Click-2-Dial, etc. Furthermore, the automatic redial function enables direct calls from different contact books. Via screenpopup the NCTI standard for Mac displays name, company and even profile picture on the employee's screen directly at an incoming call. A special feature is the presence management function with Bonjour. See presence information for all users who installed the NCTI standard client and are located in the same network at one glance.

Use the NCTI standard client for Mac for all Mitel, snom and Yealink desktop phones. If required, the NCTI standard accesses to your company's Mac- as well as LDAP contact database.

This manual provides detailed insights into installation and optimal usage of NCTI standard Mac. Use this to communicate as simple, acceptable and efficient as possible.