1. Introduction

The iSoftPhone features the following functions

  • Easy installation
  • Integrate into the Mac OS X address book
  • Control panel for
  •    call forwarding
  •    Accepting a call
  •    Echo compensation
  •    Muting the microphone
  •    Muting the speaker
  •    Switch audio device
  • CRM integration into Daylite
  • 3-way calls
  • DND (Do Not Disturb) button
  • Selecting input/output audio device
  • Volume control per device
  • SoftPhone suspends iTunes for incoming calls
  • Add, edit and delete contacts from the Mac address book
  • Call history (missed, outgoing and incoming calls)
  • Use keypad to dial, answer and end call
  • Integrate Bonjour to automatically recognise network services
  • Custom ring tones
  • Compatible with Snow Leopard
  • Supports Growl notifications