1. Requirements and Information

Initial operation requires an NFON Deployment PIN . This is "40001998". A connection to the telephone system can only be established after entering this PIN. This PIN is only required once, during initial operation. When restarting the phone at a future time the PIN is already saved and does not need to be reentered.

  • Using a Unify OpenStage SIP phone with the NFON telephone system requires a V3 R1.21. or V3 R1.38. firmware or later.
  • When purchasing phones from NFON we can guarantee a compatible firmware is preloaded.
  • Unify OpenStage phones are available in 3 versions. The standard sold by NFON is the "SIP" version. Customers who already own "HFA" OpenStage phones can ensure these are compatible by performing a firmware update. OpenStage "TDM" models are not supported by nfon.
  • When using the phone for the first time an NFON Deployment PIN must be entered to establish a connection to the NFON telephone system. For more details please refer to A. Initial operation / 1. Requirements.
  • There is currently no access to the main directory for the telephone system.
  • Unify OpenStage phones provide no system menu access (XML).
  • At this time there is no CTI client for Unify OpenStage phones.
  • Unify OpenStage phones are available in ice blue and lava.
  • The Unify OpenStage 20, OpenStage 40 and OpenStage 60 are also available as Gigabit versions. This is indicated by the "G" in the product name.